A year in review: Forty-four recipes from Ellie Krieger

I remember the night I bought Ellie Krieger’s The Food You Crave. It was a Friday evening, near the very end of January 2008. The book was hot off the press. Although I had been interested in food for a few years already, The Food You Crave was the first recipe collection that I purchased with the intent to test every recipe, one by one.

As you can see, I fell far short.

I am still very fond of this book. The recipes feature simple, healthful foods. And the ingredients are easy to find, which is important since I still intend to test each entry. Just not yet.

I hope you enjoy. The following recipes were created between January 2008 and December 2008. By scrolling over the photo, you can see the name of each dish. To see a larger image, simply click on the photo. Depending on the ingredients I had on hand, I altered a fair number of Krieger’s recipes. These are listed as “adapted” below.

Sadly, I can find no photo for six of the recipes from this book: sweet and sour brisket, shrimp scampi with artichokes, chicken cacciatore, green pea soup, asparagus with lemon and tarragon, and roasted nutmeg cauliflower. You will have to trust me on these. As an additional note, I am counting the parsley-shallot sauce, the cucumber-avocado salsa, and the strawberry sauce as recipes in their own right.

I have completed 44 of this book’s 209 recipes. Percentage complete: 21.05%

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