I have been meaning to make this classic soup for some time. The presence of beets in one of our smallish, local supermarkets seems to signal the heart of summer. And when I saw them available earlier this week, I grabbed them quickly with this soup in mind. As you can see in the photo, the liquid broth is still a bit thin. I was worried about this at first. I usually like my soups thick, like porridge. Yet, there is something beautiful about this soup’s dual offering of lightness and heaviness. It offers a harmony that not many foods can match.

This soup, of course, would have been heavier if I had included the beef brisket. Beef brisket? Nah. Not needed. At all. This borscht is lovely, as is.

I have completed 21 of Batmanglij’s 268 recipes. Percentage complete: 7.84%


  1. brilliant colors!

  2. Is that celery, or the stems from the beet greens?

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