english muffins

I made English muffins.

The words above seem more than a little strange to me. I can’t remember the last time I even had an English muffin (before last night, that is). I have a few childhood memories of toasted English muffins with jam and butter, and sometimes my dad would top one with a fried egg on the weekends. But I remember little more than this. My relationship with the English muffin is virtually nonexistent.

Yet I wanted bread to serve with an herb frittata that I had planned, so I flipped to one of the few one-day breads in Reinhart’s The Bread Baker’s Apprentice, and began to combine the ingredients that, after much magic, would eventually transform into English muffins. The really odd thing (to me, at least) about these muffins is that they are browned on the stove before they finish baking in the oven. I have never done such a thing.

They turned out well, quite respectable. And we were lucky enough to find one ripened tomato with which to top the toasted pieces. Yum.

after kneading

little boules of goodness

after proofing

I have made 23 of Reinhart’s 55 recipes. Percentage complete: 41.82%

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