lavash crackers

If you ever visit Wisconsin, I would recommend spending at least a day or two in Door County. Home to a variety of vineyards and wineries, cherry and apple orchards, and lots of great eateries, the peninsula is only a short drive from shore to shore. And its views of Lake Michigan are stunning.

My family and I made a day-trip last week. As much as I love visiting wineries, one of my favorite stops was a cheese shop in Egg Harbor. In answer to my query, the shop owner revealed that he finds brie especially tasty when placed on top of a piece of lavash. While walking out of the shop with my newly packaged, goat’s milk brie (“the best brie I’ll ever taste”) tucked securely under my arm, I knew that my meeting with lavash was soon to arrive.

Lavash is a flat bread that is popular in many countries in the Middle East and throughout the world. Pictured here are lavash crackers, although the dough certainly can be made into a soft bread as well.

I substituted half of the bread flour with whole rye flour. I usually buy Wasa’s rye crispbread every week; however, I am now thinking that these lavash crackers will be taking the Wasa’s place. These lavash crackers are crisp, yet substantial. And yes, they go beautifully with brie.

We also served these crackers with this yogurt & shallot dip. Yum. I have now completed 26 recipes from Reinhart’s The Bread Baker’s Apprentice (Percentage complete: 47.27%).


  1. love it

  2. So nice to “meet” you and your blog! Thanks for stopping by the Bewitching!
    I love flat leaf parsley, in fact I refuse to get CLOSE to the “other one” 😉 So your blog name immediately made me smile…

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