yogurt & shallot dip

I never used to like dips. I would cringe even at the word, “dip,” imagining those homemade kinds that are made with cream cheese and, well, cream cheese . . . or one of those store-bought kinds with which some people have the tendency to ruin perfectly good vegetables.

This all changed, of course, earlier this summer when I made one of the dips in Batmanglij’s Food of Life. Her dips are absolutely lovely. And the one pictured here contains Greek yogurt, diced shallot, plenty of chopped mint, and salt and pepper. That is it.

This is one of those beautiful summer dishes that takes less than 10 minutes to prep. After 15 minutes of chill-time in the fridge, this dip is ready to go. Serve it with lavash crackers and smoked salmon, and you’ve got yourself a meal. To note, Batmanglij calls for Persian shallots, but I only had those that were growing in the backyard. I have now completed 29 of Batmanglij’s 268 recipes. Percentage complete: 10.82%

Who knew that I would fall so completely for dips?


  1. It was delicious, and pretty too!

  2. I love the glass you’re using for the dip!

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