eggplant khoresh

I now have completed 30 recipes from Batmanglij’s Food of Life (percentage complete: 11.19%). I am very pleased with the presentation of this eggplant khoresh, or braise. Honestly, I think it’s fairly stunning. The eggplant is dark and elegant. The cherry tomatoes add a necessary brightness. And overall, the dish looks nicely roasted; the flavors seem to be melding happily away together.

Yet, despite its lovely appearance, this khoresh tasted like a fairly average chicken dish. It was good, no doubt. But just good, really. And little more. Despite the spices—largely, turmeric, cinnamon, and crushed red pepper—I added, the flavors simply did not seep through to the entire dish. And salt. I even added quite a bit of salt this time, though I usually see little need to use more than a small pinch.

Well, I am determined to cook an extraordinary meat khoresh one of these days, though meat is far from my specialty. Until then, at least I can enjoy the look of the very pretty food!

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