I moved into my own apartment about a week ago. After driving across seven states with my parents, I finally had arrived at my third floor apartment in an old New England home last Monday. My parents returned home a few days ago. And I am settling in nicely, ready for life to begin.

But before I set my mind too much on the present and future, I will recap just a few of our pre-journey preparations. Before heading out on the open road, my mom and I canned a few tomatoes . . .

. . . oven-dried a few red peppers . . .

. . . and transplanted a few herbs. All herbs survived the trip. Currently, they are happily sunning themselves in their new pots on my deck (pictures to come).

The first food I prepared (well, chopped and ate) in my new apartment: tomatoes and mangoes. In the background of the following two photos is the cutting board my dad designed and built for me before we left. I think it is beautiful.

Until we meet again, Wisconsin. This next photo is for you.


  1. Be happy in your new home!

  2. I miss you already! Your photos are great!

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