Here it is: My first tiramisu. It turned out well, even though it has never been my favorite dessert. The key, as Batali notes, is to eat the dessert fairly soon after making it. This prevents the ladyfingers from turning into mush (not appetizing).

Further, I survived eating raw egg whites. Now, I call that a success. 😉

I have completed 66 of Batali’s 327 recipes. Percentage complete: 20.18%

tortellini in broth

Ever since this season’s contestants on Master Chef were challenged to make tortellini in broth, I knew that it was time that I attempt this dish as well—particularly as I had a recipe waiting for me in Mario Batali’s Molto Italiano.  Admittedly, I had been skimming over this page in favor of less time-consuming recipes. But, the task came to hand, and I could not deny it.

This was my first time filling pasta with various meats. We were unable to find two of the meats (ground veal and mortadella) listed in Batali’s recipe, so we added ground beef and an interesting-looking salami to the ground turkey, ground pork, and diced prosciutto.

Over all, I am quite pleased with my first attempt at this dish. I must admit that I was somewhat surprised at the folding technique. I was expecting some advanced twisting, or something . . . but, we folded the little pastas just as we have folded most other stuffed pastas (using, of course, a smaller square of pasta dough).

I now have made 65 of Batali’s 327 recipes. Percentage complete: 19.88%

shrimp from the devil priest

Momentous day, everyone. I now can claim to have worked with raw shrimp! I stand guilty of buying pre-cooked shrimp in the past. Raw shrimp just seemed too intimidating. I am not even sure that I can explain why …

I served them shell on, which made eating them somewhat messy. But, messiness often can make meals that much more enjoyable. The broiled, crusty bread served as the perfect accompaniment, soaking up some of the spice in the sauce. Because this excellent dish is hot. 😉

I now have completed 64 of Batali’s recipes from Molto Italiano. Percentage complete: 19.57%

eggplant parmigiana

Oh, eggplant, how I love thee.

Eggplant rarely disappoints me. And this eggplant parmigiana is no exception. Plus, it is super fun to make. One of the great things about this dish is that it can be served either warm or at room temperature, i.e. no right-before-dinner struggle to keep everything hot!

  I now have made 63 of Batali’s recipes from Molto Italiano. Percentage complete: 19.27%

pork loin in the style of porchetta

This is my attempt at another meat dish. The technique of rolling up a butterflied pork loin is pretty cool and, once perfected, would make for an awesome presentation. I must admit that the pork in Batali’s photo looks a bit juicier than mine. But all in all, not bad. At all.

The fennel makes this dish, I think, adding an unexpected licorice flavor that marries amazingly well with the pork.

I now have completed 62 of Batali’s recipes. Percentage complete: 18.9%