octopus with escarole and mint

The octopus, I previously had thought, was going to be one of the last dishes that I would make from Batali’s Molto Italiano. Yet surprisingly, it was the first recipe I completed (with some help!) after moving into my new apartment. I certainly would not have chosen this dish alone; sometimes, it pays to have adventurous friends. Cooking octopus, I suppose, is one way to break in a new kitchen:

We sort of made up our cooking procedure as we went along, following Batali’s suggestions when we could; we had no grill, so our octopus was not exactly “barbecued” as the recipe suggests. We boiled it for about 40 minutes, and then finished it off in a saute pan.

I must admit that it took me some time to get used to those little suckers. And the octopus was a bit tougher than I would have liked, but I blame that on my poor cooking techniques. Has anyone else had practice cooking octopus? What do you think?

I now have completed 68 of Batali’s 327 recipes. Percentage complete: 20.8%


  1. Oh my! The finished dish looks amazing!

  2. Well done for tackling an octopus! I’ve never dared try … even though I enjoy eating it.

  3. That’s an awesome picture! Dad

  4. Wow- looks a lot better when cooked…..

    We cook squid quite a bit but never octopus…need to try…it can be great…

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