white gazpacho with grapes and toasted almonds

Here is one more soup for you: a white gazpacho with grapes and toasted almonds. This recipe, too, is from Krieger’s The Food You Crave. I served it in a shot glass. And yes, I realize that in the photo below, it appears as if I consumed wine and soup in equal measures. But, I swear that I ate more soup . . . much more.

There is something sophisticated about this soup The cucumber base, the toasted almonds, and the halved grapes combine so well together. And the raw ingredients, I think, look particularly pretty.

I will, however, try it again soon. Krieger calls for white bread to be processed with the cucumber. I had only whole wheat. As the photos show, the finished soup is a bit darker than it should be. And calling this a “white” gazpacho, then, is perhaps something of a misdemeanor. But ah well — it was a small blunder, I think. I now have completed 46 recipes from Krieger’s The Food You Crave. Percentage complete:  22.01%

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