broiled zucchini roll-ups with herbs and cheese, tomatoes with green goddess dressing

I attended a cocktail party recently. The party was my first cocktail party to date—well, the first that had been named as such. Admittedly, I know very little about cocktails (though I am determined to learn soon!). So I arrived with a bottle of wine in one hand and two small dishes in the other, recipes courtesy of Krieger’s The Food You Crave.

The first dish: broiled zucchini roll-ups with herbs and goat cheese. Krieger calls for grilling the zucchini before rolling them up with the ingredients; but, as I have no grill, I broiled them instead. I probably should have kept the zucchini slices under the broiler for a tad longer, but these zucchini bites were still little morsels of goodness.

The second dish: tomatoes with green goddess dressing. Usually (or rather, almost always), I keep salad dressings really, really simple—as in, “olive oil and vinegar” simple. Yet, Krieger’s green goddess dressing recipe is really quite nice. The buttermilk adds a nice bite that balances the avocado. All of the ingredients (largely, avocado, buttermilk, and vinegar) are blended together until they make a thick, pale green dressing.

These two recipes represent my 47th, 48th, and 49th (the green goddess dressing strangely counts separately) completed recipes from Krieger’s book. Percentage complete: 23.44%


  1. These look and sound delicious! I am missing out on tasting all your recipes!!

  2. I LOVE zucchini. your recipe looks so easy… and the goddess dressing, must try for me!

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