Moro East by Sam & Sam Clark

Moro East

I received a new cookbook: Moro East by Sam & Sam Clark. This book is stunning, and holds all of the promise that a new cookbook should represent. It is ultra-satisfying, I think, to begin a new year with a new book on food. There are about 160 recipes within the pages of Moro East — and I take on these additional recipes gladly.

pork loin with pomegranatesWe completed our first recipe — roast pork loin with pomegranates — at my grandmother’s house a few days after Christmas. We loved the rub composed largely of garlic, fennel seeds, and cinnamon. Crushing the fennel seeds was almost intoxicating. I very much am looking forward to learning more about the sophisticated use of spice this book promises to offer.

pork loin with pomegranates

Here is to 2013 — Health and happiness to you.

Here also is to my first completed dish from this book. 159 to go! Percentage complete: 0.63%


  1. This is my favourite cookbook (often said in my blog). Enjoy!

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