cauliflower and cumin soup

cauliflower and cumin soup

cauliflower and cumin soup – drizzled with caramelised chilli butter

I feel like I say this often, but I love soup. And this cauliflower and cumin soup from Moro East serves only to justify my infatuation with a good soup. The authors claim that crushing toasted cumin seeds produces one of the most evocative smells. I can only agree.


browning the cumin seeds

into the mortar, they go

into the mortar, they go

freshly ground cumin

freshly ground cumin

cinnamon, cayenne pepper, and ground cumin

cinnamon, red pepper, and ground cumin

I now have completed four recipes from Moro East (percentage complete: 2.50%).


  1. I’ve made many cauliflowers soup, but never added cumin – such great idea! It’s actually one of my favorite types of soup, but this winter I have not made it yet… something that must be corrected soon enough! 😉

  2. the cumin has a wonderful smell! Loved it!

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