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butternut squash soup with cinnamon

As part of my “last supper” at home, we made this butternut squash soup with cinnamon, enjoyed after the macaroni and yoghurt salad. The soup was everything we wanted — full of body and spice.

shallots with sherry

With the soup, we also enjoyed these fried shallots with sherry. Soup with a side of onions may seem a bit odd — but, we thought the two worked out fabulously well. The shallots went well with a piece of rustic bread, but we enjoyed them even more so on their own.

pine nuts with cinnamon

pine nuts with cinnamon


prepThese two dishes represent our eighth and ninth completed dishes from Moro East. Percentage complete: 5.63% And, for good measure, we made this leek and rosemary soup on January 6th.

leek and rosemary soup

leek and rosemary soup

This, of course, now means that we have completed ten dishes from Moro East (6.25% of the recipes). Also, any following recipes will be up to me myself — and anyone else in Connecticut — to make. Daunting, but I am ready, I think. Also, I understand that there is something of a snowstorm coming our way. Perhaps I should get some food before I am shut in. 🙂


  1. Anonymous says:

    enjoying seeing these again. I remember how delicious they were! Yes, I agree, get some ingredients and cook this weekend! 🙂 love you

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