green beans with tomato sauce

green beans with tomato sauceThe garden has been producing more green beans than we could possibly eat. Still, we have been determined to give it our best try and have been eating green beans daily. Just when we thought we could not eat another bean, we decided to make this recipe from Moro East: Green beans with tomato sauce.

green beans with tomato sauceWe made this without the called-for fenugreek seeds. We still have yet to find some. Very soon, I think, we are going to start buying hard-to-find items online.

green beans with tomato sauceWe very much enjoyed this dish. It had enough interesting flavors to go around — with the garlic, cinnamon stick, cilantro, and red pepper — even without the fenugreek seeds.

This makes 30 completed recipes from Moro East. Percentage complete: 18.75%


  1. 😉

  2. I’ve made this with the fenugreek but I’m sure it’s just as delicious without!

  3. what a pretty dish. I know all about beans!! they went berserk in my yard last summer, this years its been a bit cool so not so much harvest! I’ll just enjoy your pix instaed. 🙂 fenugreek is amazingly good for you.. slightly bitter tasting when raw, but nutty aroma when you toast them. Here’s a recipe

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