scallops with sherry, asparagus and migas

scallopsMy mother and I made scallops for the first time in our lives last week. It was an exciting day. This dish also represents our first attempt at making one of the seafood recipes in Moro East. This made for a doubly exciting day. For our first time, I think we had a success on our hands.

scallopsNearly as good as the scallops themselves were the migas. These are amazing. I never would have thought to pan-fry bread pieces like this. But my goodness. We pan-fried small pieces of crustless bread with garlic and bay leaves for over thirty minutes. We used a white sourdough for this. The oil soaked into the bread pieces, which turned out almost (almost) like dumplings. They were incredible. And they were the perfect complement to the scallops. Below is a photo of one of our plates with additional bread pieces. A lot of additional bread pieces.

scallopsThis represents our 33rd completed dish from Moro East. Percentage complete: 20.63%



  1. yum!!

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