Three Soups + 1

I have three additional recipes to report from Amy Chaplin’s At Home in the Whole Food Kitchen. The first (meal #4, courtesy of Chaplin) is this bean “bourguignon” with a cauliflower and potato mash. Chaplin calls for celery root instead of the cauliflower, but we couldn’t find any. Cauliflower, in any case, works wonderfully. We very much enjoyed this the night we made it, but we thought it was especially good reheated the next day.


Meal #5: Simple red lentil soup with spinach. This really is a simple but lovely everyday soup that I must make regularly.


Meal #6: French lentil soup with kale and butternut squash. Again, we had to make a quick substitute for this dish—in this case, the kale for rainbow chard. But it still worked very well and tasted lovely. The most exciting thing, for us, about this meal is that the kombu Chaplin uses so often finally arrived in the mail today – so we were able to cook with this seaweed for the first time. It really does add a lovely fragrance to the stock.


And we’re not forgetting about our other love, Ottolenghi and Tamimi’s Jerusalem. Pictured below are some fish cakes (made with pollock) in a tomato sauce.


As I finish up this quick post, Chaplin’s butternut squash lasagna with whole-wheat noodles and sage tofu “ricotta” is nearly finished baking in the oven. Update coming!

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