Coconut Curry, Broth with Daikon and Carrot, Quinoa Congee


I’ve completed three more of Amy Chaplin’s dishes. I’m in love with each of them, and the first is this coconut curry with tamarind tempeh and forbidden black rice (recipe #17). Before making this dish, I’ve never tried tempeh, a fermented soy product. I’ve decided tempeh is the most curious food, but one that is quite addicting. I was able to find the tamarind fruit at a local Asian grocery store that I suspect I’ll be frequenting quite a bit.


The second dish, pictured below, is an Asian-inspired broth with daikon, carrot, and 100% buckwheat noodles (recipe #18). This was another dish of firsts for me, as this was my first time eating daikon. It reminds me very much of kohlrabi. This also was the first time I used ume plum vinegar. I like this vinegar but it is so very salty! I’ll need to experiment a bit more to get the measurements just right.


I was very excited to find reasonably-priced dried shiitake mushrooms for making broths, key for both the soup above and the congee below.


Out of the three dishes in this post, I believe this quinoa congee (recipe #19) will become the most used in my cooking repertoire. As Chaplin explains, congee is an Asian dish that can be made with any grain. Being a complete protein, quinoa is an excellent choice for a simple dinner.

IMG_6160I topped this porridge-like dish as Chaplin does so many of her grains: with a simple drizzle of cold-pressed flax oil and tamari along with scallions, parsley, and avocado.

All in all, three lovely dishes.


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