The latest pantry creations

Nearly all of the dishes below are from the pantry section of Amy Chaplin’s At Home in the Whole Food Kitchen (the exception is the sushi roll)—a brilliant section, I must say. It’s so nice to make food with ingredients I have on hand and still create something that feels new. Highlights from the adventures below: I now have another lovely staple to make with the millet cauliflower mash, I officially have fallen in love with tempeh, and I’ve finally attempted my first sushi roll.

Recipe #20: Millet cauliflower mash

IMG_6173Recipe #21: Steamed greens with zesty flax dressing


Recipe #22: Marinated goat cheese


Recipe #23: Whole-wheat pasta with kale, caramelized onions, and marinated goat cheese


Recipe #24: Dijon mustard-marinated tempeh

IMG_6223Recipe #25: Curried quinoa pilaf with toasted cashews

IMG_6215Recipe #26: Greens and grains roll with avocado and carrot dipping sauce



  1. 🙂 Everything looks delicious!!

  2. Thank you!

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