bok choy and sweet sesame salad, saffron cauliflower

IMG_6588We adapted a recipe from Ottolenghi’s Plenty for this dish, which features bok choy instead of the broccolini Ottolenghi uses. We were unable to find broccolini, however, and so bok choy it was. In my last post, I mentioned that Swiss chard is one of the best vegetables, but bok choy is definitely up there as well. (Have I mentioned that I like dark greens?)

IMG_6594After quickly blanching some green beans and snow peas, we tossed them together in some oil with the very lightly sauteed bok choy. We piled all three vegetables on a serving dish before pouring a tahini-based sauce over the top. I really like the effect of the sauce oozing down and over the vegetables. 

The saffron cauliflower above is the second dish we have to report from Ottolenghi’s Plenty. It was nice to use saffron again, and the combination of ingredients—cauliflower, saffron, red onion, raisins, green olives, bay leaves, and parsley—was a good one. The cauliflower did get overdone, however. In fact, we took it out of the oven after about half of the prescribed roasting time. I’m not really sure what happened there . . .

Anyway, we’ve now completed four recipes from Ottolenghi’s book of Plenty.

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