sushi bowl with toasted nori, avocado, and brown rice

IMG_6643I’m excited about this dish from Heidi Swanson’s Super Natural Cooking because it adds an interesting flair to a combination I’m very familiar with: rice, beans, and vegetables. Swanson describes this bowl as a “deconstructed sushi roll” for those who want sushi without having to roll a thing.

We adapted Swanson’s dressing here, stirring into the rice a mixture of tamari, rice vinegar, raw honey, and the zests of an orange and half a lemon. We then topped the rice with a great many very good things. In addition to Swanson’s suggested toppings of crushed nori, green onions, avocado, and tofu, we also included some sauteed lacinato kale (the best kind of kale) and Swiss chard.


My experiences with tofu have gone through both highs and lows. Sometimes I love it, and sometimes I’d rather just eat a bean (or tempeh – tempeh!). But I seem to like it best when it’s cooked as Swanson cooks it here: pan-fried until golden and a bit bouncy. This represents our fifth completed dish from Swanson’s Super Natural Cooking

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