sprouted wild rice with toasted pecans, shelled green peas, and young carrots


We attempted to sprout wild rice for the first time with this dish of sprouted wild rice, toasted pecans, shelled green peas, and young carrots. Adapted slightly from Sarah B.’s My New Roots, this recipe marks our 24th completed dish from Sarah B.’s book.

IMG_7145This made for a very solid supper. The wild rice was still slightly crunchy—maybe we should have waited longer for it to sprout?—but it was still satisfyingly good.

raspberry thumbprint cookies

IMG_7155My mom baked these delectable raspberry thumbprint cookies from Sarah B.’s My New Roots. Just slightly adapted from Sarah’s recipe, these cookies were made with pecans instead of macadamia nuts.

IMG_7162Sarah B. characterizes these cookies as “a simple yet rather complete treat.” And I quite agree. Key ingredients include raspberries, chia seeds, rolled oats, and pure maple syrup. They represent our 23rd completed dish from My New Roots.


We do love Sarah B.’s book. 🙂

tomatoes with olives and crusty bread

IMG_7117This dish was awesome. Our tomatoes have been growing rather slowly (well, very slowly), so we stopped at a few farmer’s markets today to pick up some. Although we couldn’t find the heirloom varieties Sarah B. wanted, this dish still tasted like the fullness of summer. As the recipe suggested, we used some crusty whole-grain bread to sop up the extra dressing. Love. This is our 22nd dish from My New Roots.

four corners lentil soup


We cheated a bit with this next dish: Four corners lentil soup. It’s the first “winter” dish we made from Sarah B.’s My New Roots, and we made it in late July. Still, we had almost everything in the pantry, and we needed something easy. It did not disappoint. Red lentils are the best for soups. And the lemon slices balanced the cumin and red pepper very well. This marks our 21st recipe from Sarah B.’s book, which means we’ve completed a full 20% of her recipes.


raspberry breeze smoothie, fresh pea and tarragon soup


In all of my 28 years, I never have owned a blender. I’ve had all sorts of food choppers and food processors but never a blender.


I still don’t. But my mom now does, and it’s a wonderful thing. We decided to make these raspberry breeze smoothies made of super simple ingredients: raspberries, bananas, fresh mint, ground flax seeds, lemon juice, rice milk, and pure maple syrup. This is just slightly adapted from a recipe in Sarah B.’s My New Roots.

IMG_7062Along with this sweet pea and tarragon soup, the smoothies make for 20 completed dishes from My New Roots..