Two days ago marked our first attempt to make ghee. We used the recipe from Sarah Britton’s My New Roots. Essentially, ghee is pure butterfat. It’s made by melting unsalted butter in order to separate the fat from the protein (casein) and carbohydrate (lactose). This is similar to the process of making clarified butter, but ghee is heated for a longer period of time, which produces a deeper and nuttier result

IMG_6745Ghee interests me because of its high smoke point, which makes it more appropriate for cooking foods at higher temperatures. Without the milk solids, ghee has a higher smoke point than butter and most unrefined plant-based oils.


We heated our butter for about 25-30 minutes over medium-low heat before straining the concoction through a few layers of cheesecloth, allowing us to jar up the fat while catching the solids in the cloth.

IMG_6760We think our attempt worked. 🙂

IMG_6779This is our 11th recipe from My New Roots.


  1. Anonymous says:

    I am learning so much about different foods this summer. Love it!

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