rhubarb rose infusion

IMG_6792This rhubarb rose infusion from Amy Chaplin’s At Home in the Whole Food Kitchen makes for a very pretty drink and (along with Chaplin’s turmeric lemonade) has introduced me to the surprisingly simple world of infusions. This infusion is made by simmering some rhubarb with plenty of water for twenty minutes, adding some rosebuds and fresh mint leaves to simmer for another five minutes off the heat, and straining the whole thing through a few layers of cheesecloth before swirling in a bit of raw honey.

IMG_6770We drank the infusion chilled in cocktail glasses and decided that a last-minute splash of vodka, if one were so inclined, might not be amiss.

IMG_6797This is my 36th recipe from Chaplin’s book, which means I’ve completed a full quarter of her recipes. Exciting day.

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