tempeh mushroom bowl, chickpea socca, and sundown carrot and corn salad

IMG_6841It seems to be that time of summer when the garden’s first crops are coming to an end and new ones are starting to show. Each of these three dishes from Sarah B.’s My New Roots reflects this shift in one way or another. For the tempeh mushroom bowl pictured above, we picked our way through bolting spinach to get enough leaves to saute with onion and baby bella mushrooms. The saute is served with millet and tempeh, a most delicious fermented soy product that my parents tried for the first time with this dish.

IMG_6829We officially used the last of our asparagus for this next meal: chickpea socca topped with caramelized onion, asparagus, and plenty of fresh dill. On the other hand, we used the first of our garden’s onions. This also was my first time ever cooking with chickpea flour.

IMG_6819This sundown carrot and corn salad gave us an excuse to use our green onions, which, as you can see, are still quite young. (They seem to be taking their time growing this year.) For the corn, we used some from last year we had frozen in the freezer. This and the salad’s spicy Southwestern-style dressing—lime, chili, cumin, honey, and extra-virgin olive oil—spoke of hot, hot summer days that should be here soon in Wisconsin. 

These dishes represent our 12th, 13th, and 14th dishes from Sarah B.’s My New Roots.

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