beet tarts with poppy seed crust and white bean fennel filling

IMG_7180Here is our 41st recipe from Amy Chaplin’s At Home in the Whole Food Kitchen. The beet, I think, is one of the most beautiful vegetables, and this beet tart with poppy seed crust and white bean fennel filling definitely did justice to our first supper of beets just picked from the garden.

IMG_7171I think I’m finally getting the hang at making Chaplin’s crusts. She makes a lot of tarts, both sweet and savory. And although her crusts all use somewhat varying ingredients, they almost always are made with the same technique—processing the dry ingredients before mixing the wet ones in with your fingertips. This crust is made with rolled oats, brown rice flour, baking powder, sea salt, spelt flour, poppy seeds, extra virgin olive oil, and plain rice milk. Chaplin also calls for sunflower seeds, but we couldn’t find any raw ones. We added a tiny amount of sesame seeds instead.  IMG_7163Cooked sliced beets are arranged over a lovely filling of blended white beans, caramelized onion, garlic, and ground fennel seeds. We named the dish a hit. 

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