sparkling melonade and two summer salads

IMG_7287These glasses of sparkling mint melonade from Sarah Britton’s My New Roots were a decided hit. We enjoyed them out on the patio before dinner yesterday afternoon. The base is a blend of ripe melon (we used cantaloupe and honeydew), lime juice, raw honey, and fresh mint leaves. After pouring the blend over a few ice cubes, we topped each off with some sparkling mineral water. IMG_7288And to mark my last Saturday evening in Wisconsin, we made a little fire, too.

IMG_7282For dinner, we made two summer salads. We couldn’t choose between them when deciding what to eat, so we made both. The first is Sarah Britton’s grain-free tabbouleh. Instead of the traditional bulgur, this recipe calls for chickpeas lightly pulsed in the food processor.

IMG_7322The juicy tomatoes paired exceptionally well with the bulgur-less tabbouleh.

IMG_7323And the second dish is this quinoa salad with roasted summer vegetables and harissa marinade from Amy Chaplin.
IMG_7341These recipes mark our 25th and 26th dishes from Sarah Britton and our 44th dish from Amy Chaplin.

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