Celeriac, Flourless bread, and soup


I had my first taste of celeriac (sometimes called celery root) yesterday with this celeriac ribbon salad with toasted cumin and pomegranate salad from Sarah Britton’s My New Roots. We ate the root vegetable raw, shaved into thin ribbons with a mandoline and then marinated in lemon water.



We also finally tried Britton’s “life-changing loaf of bread,” made famous first on her blog. The recipe she includes in her cookbook has caraway and Kalamata olives — fine additions, I’m sure, but we decided to make just the base recipe. There’s no flour in this bread, so we used psyllium husk powder as the binding agent.


I made this king oyster mushroom bisque just before coming home for Christmas. Sarah Britton includes the soup in her early spring section, but I thought it worked pretty well for December, too.  I ate this with some sprouts. I’m becoming particularly obsessed with sprouts. I brought home some sprouting alfalfa and mung bean seeds so we can try to make our own — this will be the next project, I think.

These three recipes make for 51 completed recipes from Sarah Britton’s My New Roots. Happy holidays, all.

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