The latest from Sarah B

zucchini firecracker corn breadWe fell in love with this zucchini firecracker corn bread, our 65th recipe from Sarah Britton’s My New Roots. This is the one book we’re currently trying to make our way through entirely, and the little treasures to be found are amazing when you go through the recipes, one by one. This is an entirely vegan corn bread with chia as a binder, and it packs a good punch from a heavy dose of crushed red pepper flakes.

sweet potato and mushroom breakfast tacos

Our 66th dish from Britton’s book: these sweet potato and mushroom breakfast tacos. A very pretty dish, we thought.

lettuce tomato sandwichWe may have cheated just slightly with this last one. Sarah B includes a recipe for a CBLT – Coconut bacon lettuce tomato sandwich. We may have made only a lettuce tomato sandwich. Haha. To be honest, we’re not too fond of the liquid smoke needed to make coconut “bacon.” And with the mashed avocado and hummus, these still made for pretty good sandwiches. Recipe No. 67.

We have only 38 more recipes to go in Sarah B’s book.

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