More recipes from Near and Far

20160726_190614This dish of green beans, pecans, and sesame seeds is an adapted one from Heidi Swanson’s Near and Far—our 14th completed recipe from this book.

20160726_191410And our 15th dish, also adapted, is one of yellow couscous with golden raisins, pecans, and dill. Plenty of turmeric gave it this bright color.

20160727_184220Our 16h dish: root donburi, a Japanese-inspired rice bowl with carrots soaked in sesame seed oil, cucumbers soaked in vinegar, sweet potatoes gently simmered, and crushed nori.Salad from HeidiAnd one more: a Moroccan-inspired roasted tomato salad. With the blend of roasted and fresh tomatoes with the harissa dressing, this one is something quite special.

tagine from Kitchen TravelsAnd this tagine is our latest from Green Kitchen Travels, our 10th dish.

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