Britton’s Naturally Nourished, Recipes 13-22

20170714_203902Recipe No. 13: “Vibrant pink pesto pasta” (with beets and brown rice noodles)

20170717_183542Recipe No. 14: “Quinoa and beans with radish cilantro salsa.” The radish cilantro salsa is a keeper.

20170718_185154Recipe No. 15: “Lemony raw beet and quinoa salad with dill and olives.” Honestly, though I love all the individual things here, I thought this was a strange combination. It was best the second day.

20170718_192311Recipe No. 16: “Spring minestrone.” A very good soup, indeed.

20170721_193158Recipe No. 17: “Beets and butter beans with lemon and mint.” This is one of her small plates, but served with some quinoa, it would be an excellent full meal.

20170721_194152Recipe No. 18: “Balsamic-roasted plums with spinach and goat cheese.” Roasting plums is something we don’t do very often, but they’re great here.

20170723_190013Recipe No. 19: “Warming chickpea mushroom ragout with crispy sage.” This is good, but very basic. I sometimes wish this book had a little more adventure to it.

20170724_173951Recipe No. 20: “Butter bean ginger stew.”

20170727_200543Recipe No. 21: “Grilled spring onions with lemon-marinated chickpeas.” Grilled vegetables are pretty good.

20170727_195721Recipe No. 22: “Tomatoes with basil and sunflower meta feta.” A new technique! The meta feta is mostly a processed mixture of soaked sunflower seeds. It doesn’t really taste like cheese, but it’s certainly delicious.

Oh, and cheese curds from The Cookery in Fish Creek, WI:



  1. Anonymous says:

    Yum! Such pretty dishes.

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