Updates from the end of 2016

mnr-vanilla-rose-apple-ciderVanilla rose apple cider – from Sarah Britton’s My New Roots

mnr-raw-cashew-yogurt-with-maple-and-pearRaw cashew yogurt with maple and pear – from Sarah Britton’s My New Roots

mnr-hazelnut-flatbreads-with-maple-spice-pumpkin-butterHazelnut flatbreads with maple spice pumpkin butter – from Sarah Britton’s My New Roots

mnr-fully-loaded-breakfast-barsBreakfast bars – from Sarah Britton’s My New Roots

mnr-the-best-lentil-salad-everThe best lentil salad ever – from Sarah Britton’s My New Roots

Taking into account the roobois ginger sun tea we made last summer but apparently never photographed, we’ve completed 79 recipes from Sarah Britton’s book — only 26 more to go …

nf-simmered-squashSimmered kabocha squash – from Heidi Swanson’s Near & Far

nf-brussels-sproutsBrussels sprouts – from Heidi Swanson’s Near & Far

nf-mashed-yellow-split-peasMashed yellow split peas – from Heidi Swanson’s Near & Far

nf-mung-bean-stewMung bean stew – from Heidi Swanson’s Near & Far

nf-parathaParatha – from Heidi Swanson’s Near & Far

And this makes 28 (out of 116) completed recipes from Near & Far.

rooibos-poached pears and summer stats

poached pears

This plate of rooibos-poached pears with a chocolate olive oil sauce was our last recipe together before I head back East tomorrow. It was also our 73rd recipe from Sarah Britton’s My New Roots, which means we’ve completed 69.5% of the book’s recipes. The pears were a light but very satisfying end to the meal.

So, I’ve been home in WI for 40 days, and here are our recipe stats:

Overall, we’ve made 49 recipes. That’s 1.225 recipes per day.

17 recipes from Sarah Britton’s My New Roots for a total of 73 completed recipes.

23 recipes (19.8% of the recipes) from Heidi Swanson’s Near and Far.

6 recipes from Green Kitchen Travels for a total of 11 completed recipes.

1 recipe from The Nourished Kitchen.

And 2 recipes from one of my mom’s Ellie Krieger books, one of which is this pan-fried pork dish with fennel and grapes:

ellie's pork

Latest from Near and Far

squash soup with rice aug 8 againDish No. 21 from Heidi Swanson’s Near and FarSquash and Wild Rice Soup

rye breadDish No. 22: Easy little rye bread.

popoversDish No. 23: Popovers. These so did not work! Ah well. We’ll have to try them again.


More from My New Roots and More

-tuna- sandwichRecipe No. 71 from Sarah Britton’s My New Roots: Pan bagnat with sunflower seed “tuna.”

frozen yogurtOur 72nd dish: strawberry chamomile no-churn frozen yogurt. The chamomile blended with this frozen dessert was a very nice touch.

roasted veg saladThis roasted vegetable salad is our 11th dish from Green Kitchen Travels.

ginger ale againAnd a few more pics of our latest attempts at ginger ale. I’m getting much better at it. 🙂

ginger ale aug 8

noodle salad, red lentil hummus, soup

cold noodle saladDish No. 18 from Heidi Swanson’s Near and Far: Cold noodle salad with radishes and a dressing of coriander seeds, paprika, and toasted sesame. My mom made this one. Delightfully refreshing with just the right amount of zip.

red lentil hummusDish No. 19: Red lentil hummus with lemon juice, garlic, and tahini. Who knew I would make red lentil hummus before making chickpea hummus?

spicy green soupDish. No. 20: Spicy green soup. I was pretty careless with the presentation here, but this spicy green soup was great with a poached egg, brown rice, and plain Greek yogurt.

pot roastAnd look: meat. We made this pot roast from The Nourished Kitchen when my brothers came for dinner.