Two beef stews from Hispaniola


I have learned quite a bit, at least in an introductory sense, about stewing beef over the last couple of days. These recipes are taken from two books featuring the food of Hispaniola, one from the Dominican Republic (Arturo Feliz-Camilo’s Mama Pura’s Recipes) and one from Haiti (Mona Cassion Menager’s Fine Haitian Cuisine). This first is a Dominican-style stewed beef, served with rice and stewed red kidney beans. Since we don’t have a pressure cooker, we had to make up quite a bit of this along the way. We were quite pleased with the results. Seriously, stewed beef and stewed beans are an awesome combination.

IMG_5924Pictured below is Menager’s Haitian stewed beef with Creole sauce. This recipe was a bit easier to follow, since she suggests stewing the meat on the stove. The reduced sauce was incredible with plenty of spicy heat.