ribollita, yoga smoothies

ribollitaNothing reminds me of my time in Italy like a good bowl of ribollita—a thick bread, bean, and kale stew with just the right amount of broth. This one didn’t disappoint.

green yoga smoothieAnd these layered smoothies were pretty great, too. Kale, mango, coconut milk, and lemon juice formed the base of the green juice we poured over the mashed raspberries.

These are our 8th and 9th recipes from Green Kitchen Travels.

Sweet Potato Gnocchi

gnocchi 2We were very impressed with these sweet potato gnocchi, our 7th dish from Green Kitchen Travels. The tender dumplings are swirled with a kale and walnut pesto. gnocchi 3

Vegan Moussaka

green kitchen travels. moussakaThis vegan sweet potato and aubergine moussaka (a pasta-free relative of lasagne), the 6th dish from Green Kitchen Travels, was good the second night we had it. It was a little underdone the first night. Oops.