More from My New Roots and More

-tuna- sandwichRecipe No. 71 from Sarah Britton’s My New Roots: Pan bagnat with sunflower seed “tuna.”

frozen yogurtOur 72nd dish: strawberry chamomile no-churn frozen yogurt. The chamomile blended with this frozen dessert was a very nice touch.

roasted veg saladThis roasted vegetable salad is our 11th dish from Green Kitchen Travels.

ginger ale againAnd a few more pics of our latest attempts at ginger ale. I’m getting much better at it. 🙂

ginger ale aug 8

noodle salad, red lentil hummus, soup

cold noodle saladDish No. 18 from Heidi Swanson’s Near and Far: Cold noodle salad with radishes and a dressing of coriander seeds, paprika, and toasted sesame. My mom made this one. Delightfully refreshing with just the right amount of zip.

red lentil hummusDish No. 19: Red lentil hummus with lemon juice, garlic, and tahini. Who knew I would make red lentil hummus before making chickpea hummus?

spicy green soupDish. No. 20: Spicy green soup. I was pretty careless with the presentation here, but this spicy green soup was great with a poached egg, brown rice, and plain Greek yogurt.

pot roastAnd look: meat. We made this pot roast from The Nourished Kitchen when my brothers came for dinner.

fermented things

the mother from sarahWe made our first fermented beverage: ginger ale. Exciting times. I’ve wanted to do this for some time, but I’ve put it off until now. To be honest, I’ve been a bit scared. This is probably a very simple version, but it’s definitely a start. We made the above ginger starter, what we fondly call “the mother,” over the course of five days.

bubbly ginger ale from sarahOn day five, we mixed a bit of the ginger bug with warmish water steeped in ginger plus a little maple syrup and white cane sugar. We let it ferment uncovered for 24 hours.

ginger 2We let the brew continue fermenting tightly covered for another 48 hours.

gingerAnd then, we drank it. Not scary at all. Excellent first attempt, I’d say. Next time, I’ll try to make it fizzier. Also, I should probably invest in some flip-top bottles.

picked turnips from sarah 2Here are some pickled turnips we made for good measure.

picked turnips from sarahThese fermented things represent our 68th and 69th recipes from Sarah Britton’s My New Roots. Thanks, Sarah.

Also, some salt ‘n’ pepper chocolate chip cookies, also from Britton — our 70th dish.20160727_144803

More recipes from Near and Far

20160726_190614This dish of green beans, pecans, and sesame seeds is an adapted one from Heidi Swanson’s Near and Far—our 14th completed recipe from this book.

20160726_191410And our 15th dish, also adapted, is one of yellow couscous with golden raisins, pecans, and dill. Plenty of turmeric gave it this bright color.

20160727_184220Our 16h dish: root donburi, a Japanese-inspired rice bowl with carrots soaked in sesame seed oil, cucumbers soaked in vinegar, sweet potatoes gently simmered, and crushed nori.Salad from HeidiAnd one more: a Moroccan-inspired roasted tomato salad. With the blend of roasted and fresh tomatoes with the harissa dressing, this one is something quite special.

tagine from Kitchen TravelsAnd this tagine is our latest from Green Kitchen Travels, our 10th dish.

The latest from Sarah B

zucchini firecracker corn breadWe fell in love with this zucchini firecracker corn bread, our 65th recipe from Sarah Britton’s My New Roots. This is the one book we’re currently trying to make our way through entirely, and the little treasures to be found are amazing when you go through the recipes, one by one. This is an entirely vegan corn bread with chia as a binder, and it packs a good punch from a heavy dose of crushed red pepper flakes.

sweet potato and mushroom breakfast tacos

Our 66th dish from Britton’s book: these sweet potato and mushroom breakfast tacos. A very pretty dish, we thought.

lettuce tomato sandwichWe may have cheated just slightly with this last one. Sarah B includes a recipe for a CBLT – Coconut bacon lettuce tomato sandwich. We may have made only a lettuce tomato sandwich. Haha. To be honest, we’re not too fond of the liquid smoke needed to make coconut “bacon.” And with the mashed avocado and hummus, these still made for pretty good sandwiches. Recipe No. 67.

We have only 38 more recipes to go in Sarah B’s book.